Sustainable development, respect for the environment and meeting the expectations of all stakeholders.

Mission and vision

At the Inalsa Group, we consider it essential to carry out our activity by promoting sustainable development, respecting the environment and meeting the expectations of all stakeholders to place ourselves in a position of leadership and differentiation with respect to competitors in the sector.

For these reasons, Grupo INALSA establishes, puts into practice, reviews and updates the general principles of the Environmental Management System. In addition, the Group’s plants considered to have the greatest environmental impact according to the application criteria of the Integrated Environmental Authorization are certified under ISO 14001. The environmental policy applies to all the entity’s activities, regardless of their nature or the place where they are carried out. It is also mandatory for all employees of the organization and other interest groups linked to the entity


At Grupo INALSA we believe that, in order to have sustainable growth, it is very important to make efficient use of resources, both raw materials and auxiliary materials, in addition to promoting initiatives that contribute to the evolution of a circular economy model. This is possible thanks to a continuous improvement model, with internal productivity and environmental goals.

Aluminum, the key to the circular economy

The circular economy is an example of efficiency and responsible management of resources. For this reason, our aluminium suppliers are always asked for a sample of recyclability in their materials, in case they manufacture it via foundry. If the supplier generates the aluminium by electrolysis, they start directly from the alumina, so in this case suppliers that demonstrate that the electrical energy they consume come directly from renewable sources are prioritized, generating a low carbon footprint.

It can be reused and have a second life


Its service life can last for decades


Its characteristics make it indefinitely recyclable

A recyclable and durable material

The average of our main suppliers has a recycled aluminium ratio between 35-45%. In the manufacturing process scrap is generated, by saw cuts, billet remains or quality defects. This scrap is recycled to the manufacturer that generates the aluminium billet, thus avoiding wasting aluminium and reusing it in manufacturing, generating a simple and complete circular economy. In Grupo INALSA, all the scrap that is generated from aluminium is sent to remelt and convert back into billet, which is approximately between 15-25% of the purchased billet.

In addition, recycling aluminium requires less energy than is necessary to obtain it initially, which is why it is a fundamental part of changing from a linear model of waste production to a circular model. Aluminium has great durability, so the negative impact on the environment is minimised. This metal is characterized by being environmentally friendly, abundant, infinitely recyclable and very durable. Its quality and its material properties are never lost.

reciclado de aluminio

Climate Change

Adopting measures to mitigate the effects of climate change is part of the short and long-term interests of the Group, not only as a company, but by using aluminium as a product since it is a circular economy model, it contributes to fighting against climate change by minimizing emissions. The main measures taken by the Group to minimize greenhouse gas emissions generated by the results of the company’s activities are included in the carbon footprint calculation study, which analyses the tons of CO2 equivalent for each ton of profile produced.