Powder coating

Anesa specialises in the treatment of profiles through powder coating. It supplies clients, offering an extensive range of colours that aport A better protection, resistance, or aesthetic quality to the profiles.

Specialist in powder coated aluminium profiles

For the process of powder coating aluminium profiles, Anesa has several different plants: horizontal powder coating plant where it also chromes before the powder coating, a vertical powder coating Trevisan plant that can stamp Effecta to create a wood effect and other wood Sublimation.

Technical capacity of Anesa

Horizontal plant 4000 tm
Vertical plant 7000 tm
Up to 7.1 m
Effecta wood finish and Decoral sublimation system
Quality certificates: Qualicoat, Seeside Class, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Paint booth in vertical lacquer plant
Loading and unloading