Force majeure

We consider “force majeure reasons”, events that are out of control of both parts, including but not limited to, climate conditions, volcanoes, workers disputes, strikes, full closure, accidents, fires, catastrophes or terrorist attacks, epidemics, road closures, social disturbances, criminal damage, lack of raw material due to our supplier not meeting their agreement, (billet, alloys, ext..) o the lack of any material that prevents us from being able to supply on time. (paint, power, resin, caustic soda,…) any other event unpredictable or predictable but unavoidable, or events that influence prices or materials, or deliveries that are likely to cause great economic lose, INDUNSTRIAS ARAGONESAS DEL ALUMINIO; S.A.U has the power to modify the conditions contractual and economic and if this is not enough to maintain the delivery, it has the power to terminate the agreement with no say from the other party, however, it does have to give plenty of notice and give full information regarding the decision and how INDUSTRIAS ARAGONESAS DEL ALUMINIO S.A.U reach it.