Aluminium Extrusion

Over 60 years extruding. Increased production capacity, thanks to a new 4800 ton  press being installed in Nuez de Ebro.

Specialists in aluminium and profile extrusions

Inalsa extrudes all its aluminium profiles in modern presses.

With a production capacity of approximately 140 tonnes per day, our aluminium profiles are destined for the industrial applications and also architectural ones.

For the extrusion process Inalsa has 5 aluminium extrusion presses, 1600, 1800, 1800, 2500, 2800 tons respectively.

140 tons per day

5 aluminium extrusion presses

Press table 1800 tm
Press table 2500 tm

Technical Capacity

We have 5 aluminium extrusion presses to supply 140tn per day

We are increasing our production quantity and range by installing a new 4800tn press in 2019.

Minimum weight: 0,25 kg/m
Maximum weight : 20 kg/m
Profiles of 300 kg
Profiles 500 mm wide
Thickness unto 25 mm

mouth press