Inalsa is founded. Making windows, fronts and hardware in Aluminium


The first extrusion press was installed in 1961. Later on another 2 more where installed, making it the largest aluminium extruder in Spain.


Anesa was founded in 1972, one of the first anodizing plants in Spain. In 1971 Alcar was founded as a distributor of aluminium window systems.


We start exporting, and adapting to the demands of the market.


Consolidation of the Group within Europe and the installation of an horizontal power coating plant.

2000 – 2010

A big investment on the industrial side. The installation of 2 new extrusion press´s, updating of the old ones, update of the Power coating and anodizing plant. Updates in the warehouse and the stocking facilities.

2010-till present

Developing new processes and focusing on each market individually, taking into account, de client, the die type and finish.